The Smallest Darkest Things

by Guy Capecelatro III

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released November 8, 2016

Guitar and vocals by GC III. Vocals on 3 & 7 by Jocelyn Mackenzie, vocals on 2 by Liz Parmalee, vocals on 4 by Bernie Jungle, vocals on 6 by Jerusha Robinson, lap steel on 3 by Scotty Houston and drums on 6 & 7 by Jim RIoux. All the other sounds courtesy of Chris Decato.

All songs recorded by Chris Decato and GC III. Produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Decato. All songs written by GC III except for 5 which was written by Dave Lamb and 6 by Jason Molina.

Artwork by Jarid del Deo. Layout and design by Michael Winters

Thanks to my friends for their generous talent, and Pam for her unwavering love and support.

This is dedicated to the memory of Dave Lamb. Miss you my friend.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Late of Day
Late of Day

In this sticky, hot hut
In the sweltering late of day
Beside this slow, black water

I found you naked, sprawled and prone

Lying on the floor arms akimbo
Like Jesus dead to the world

I traced each of your spider-webby veins
With the thinnest purple maker

I formed constellations
From the freckles on your face
And shaved your beard
With a cool, straight razor

I glued the hair
To your mirror
Just as it would
Have appeared on your face

I put a record on and waltzed around you
Scarring circles into wide pine floor boards

And not once did you even shift
Not once did your eyes open

To meet my gaze
Track Name: February Rain
February Rain

Walking from the restaurant late night shift late at night
The smell of the ocean in the air
Plus it was raining in February raining
The black, crusted snow nearly gone

I took the long way home to try and get my head straight
To try and wrap my brain around some truth
I half knew what I’d find when I stepped in the apartment
Still a shock to see your things were gone

Still outside the rain falls
The sound of our neighbors through the wall
I look for you but there’s nothing left at all

I take off all my clothes crawl into the bathtub
Unlike you I won’t run the water
You said that I chose this willed it then I realized it
But I don’t even realize what I’ve done

Sorry that I kissed you wrong sorry I was never home
Sorry that I took up so much time

Still outside the rain falls
The sound of our neighbors through the wall
I look for you but there’s nothing left at all

Time is a freaky little bird that steals everything
Time is a freaky little bird that steals everything
Track Name: Patterns

Lying on the bed that overlooks the field
High on Dilaudid
I saw the patterns in the sky moving tendrils
That strung it all together
Held everything in place like a spider’s web
Like a cargo net
Then you came into the house undid my shoelaces
In the softest way

You touched my foot staring at it
Like it was a staring contest
An electric charge crept up my leg
And shot through my brain

And I wanted to describe what I’d seen
But the words stuck in my throat
When I looked out of the window
It was just an ordinary day
Track Name: Holloway

Do you remember Holloway the kid from science class
Always so quiet sat way in the back
I think he wore a pony tail he tucked into his shirt
He had a fight with Deven Green that fucking jerk
Dissecting cats one day he passed out in a heap
They had to call an ambulance he was out a week

They said his father was a skinhead living in Illinois
On the lam for killing his mom when he was just a boy

I saw Annie Russo the girl he used to date
Still working the Pancake house out on twenty eight
She said he joined the army and got sent to Iraq
Lost use of his left eye in some late night sneak attack
Now he’s back in Harrisburg at his grandma’s house
He’s gained a bunch of weight and he’s nervous to go out

I thought I might go see him though it’s been a while
I never really knew him well but one time we got high
And lately I’ve been thinking that I’ve been dealt shitty cards
And maybe I should help someone who has it really hard
But I don’t know I don’t know
Track Name: This Mountain Road (Brown Bird)
This Mountain Road

He who rides the most, when are you coming home

This mountain road is dark and steep as hell
We'll drive until the morning comes again
There are so many roads to drive before we shed our flesh and die
Our restless minds ain't satisfied at home

He who rides the most, when are you coming home
Track Name: How to Begin (for Dave)
How to Begin (for Dave)

I’ve been walking hearing your voice in my ear
As though you’re still here
Sorry if I seem distracted and confused
I’ve been drawing your tattoos

Sorry but right now nothing’s making sense
I keep thinking I’ll see you soon my friend
I hate this goddamn permanence

I heard some stories of you as a little kid
And all the places that you lived
We could feel the way you hovered in the room
We played a Tom Waits tune

Wondered about the time you fell out of your faith
All the uncertainty you must have been afraid
Then you found this path you made

I’ve been walking with my head up in the clouds
Calling your name aloud
I know you wondered if your troubles were self-induced
But how could that be true

You shone a light on the smallest darkest things
With your voice with words and with strings
I’ve got to learn how to begin

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