Postcards: The Best of Tiger Saw

by Tiger Saw

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13 songs compiled from Tiger Saw's albums released 2002-2010.


released April 1, 2013



all rights reserved


burst & bloom records Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Burst & Bloom is a small, independent record label and book publisher based in Portsmouth, NH.

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Track Name: Blessed Are the Trials We Will Find
Gone to bed
Gone astray
Gone haywire
Going my way

Would you go with me
(Come, come, come, come
Come and go with me)

Let’s run away tonight
We’ll be there by daylight
We can leave it all behind
Blessed are the trials we will find
Track Name: Lust
Left without, gone within
With the plan of doubt, I will not win
The night has seen my kind before
I vex the stars, yet the moon implore
Reflect me as the sparrows see
Lost in the spring of simplicity
Left without, gone within
Hold fast to lust, through thick and thin
Track Name: R U Courageous (Song for Khaela)
Give me danger, give me sweetness
Will you love me to pieces?
Are you courageous?
I want action and excitement
There’s no need for refinement
Are you courageous?
Like a secret in the spring
This song for you I’ll sing
Are you courageous?
Will you be my one and only?
I have been so lonely
Are you courageous?
Track Name: All My Friends Are Right Here With Me
Liz lives in California, with the glitter and the stars
Jason’s from New Hampshire, but he’s always on tour
Star Line to the north, Strugglers to the south
Fluffy’s at the hotel, Brendon at the Hideout

All my friends
All my friends are right here with me
You live inside my burning heart
And we will always be

Brian lives in Philly, not far from Emily
Mara’s up in Maine, Sita’s in the valley
Alan’s in Orient, his paintings are the best
Thomas has a tract out in the Midwest

All my friends
All my friends are right here with me
You live inside my burning heart
And we will always be
Track Name: Postcards & Letters
Home is never really that far
Keep a song with you, wherever you are
Postcards and letters, and promises to call
Wish you were here, having a ball
Day after day, and mile after mile
My pictures of you still make me smile
Though I’m so far from Massachusetts
Tonight with my friends, I’ll never forget
Track Name: Sing!

Sing, I’ll sing to your summer smile
Sing, I’ll sing to tomorrow’s plans
Sing, I’ll sing everything that I feel
Sing, I’ll sing what our hearts understand

Sing, I’ll sing ‘til the cats wake up
Sing, I’ll sing where speaking fails
Sing, I’ll sing to your pretty eyes
Sing, I’ll sing like wind in sails

Sing, I’ll sing with all my friends
Sing, I’ll sing to my patient wife
Sing, I’ll sing for my family
Sing, I’ll sing my blessed life

Sing, I’ll sing to constellations
Sing, I’ll sing the stars goodnight
Sing, I’ll sing my forgotten dreams
Sing, I’ll sing the morning light
Track Name: The Sea
Shimmering light
Like gold beneath the waves
I send all my fear and desire
to the ocean goodnight
At the edge of Cathedral Woods
At the end of security
Birds take wing and sirens sing
It’s all so much bigger than me
And these rocks stand so tall
And on them I stand so tall
And in the glare I can see
Forever I watch the sea
And the sea, it watches me
Track Name: Tigers on Fire
Like rabbits dancing in the brier
Or the holy spirit and the dirty choir
We sweat like sinners, we never tire
In the dark we move like burning tigers

“Lay down…”

‘Voodoo’ plays on the stereo
“How does it feel?” sings D’Angelo
Let’s sink by the moon’s silvery glow
Tonight we’re gonna take it slow

“Lay down…”

Sugar, let us take our time
I’m all yours, and you are mine
Tonight your stars and mine align
Let them burn, and let us shine

“Lay down…”
Track Name: Catalina
O, Catalina
O, Catalina

I’m frozen by
The truth in your eyes
I’m silent and
The snow is coming down

This moment will never end
This moment will end

O, Catalina
O, Catalina

Have we been living for
The promise of something more?
No longer blind among
All this beauty

This moment will never end
This moment will end
Track Name: Night, Pt. 1 (Trembling Hearts)
You swayed like a ghost
You sang like the night
Breathed like a songbird
About to take flight

Dusty old records
Harvest sounded just fine
You were singing along
Lips stained by the wine

It’s gonna be alright

Night is a blanket
Time ain’t on our side
Trembling hearts
In each other confide

The most beautiful thing
That I ever did see
The softest mouth
When you whispered to me

It’s gonna be alright
Track Name: Night, Pt. 2 (Helena's Song)
Close your eyes
See me true
The night is a blanket
The stars cut through

Take my hand
And walk with me
Toward the place
Where the moon meets the sea

I might be a dreamer
I might be naïve
But whisper “forever”
And I just might believe
Track Name: Gentle, Gentle
The night will call, how sweet she’ll sing
But there is sorrow in the calm she’ll bring
Oh friend of mine, your light still burns
Through the ache of a heart that yearns

I have heard these sirens at night
So many have lost that fight
I believe in all that you are and do
Will you believe in yourself too?

Gentle, gentle
Do not go
Track Name: Words Not Used in Books (featuring Cathy Cathodic)
I know card tricks for the lovesick
‘Cuz in everything there’s magic
From the bedpost in my bedroom
To the secret smile in our silver moon

Have you heard that we have words
Not used in books, because they are birds?
They lift and soar, our songs are hawks
Burst and bloom, punch-drunk peacocks

Our hearts become like little drums
They beat in time, bom-bom, bom-bom
We don’t walk- we sail, we glide
On backs of nightingales we ride