Every Last Light

by Guy Capecelatro III

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released August 31, 2012

The Band:
Guy Capecelatro III - vocals, guitar, bass, thumb piano & percussion
Jerusha Robinson - vocals & cello
Jeremy Robinson - vocals, banjo & accordian
Marc McElroy - piano, guitar, mandolin, bass, organs & drums

Additional help from:
Marika Shimkus - vocals 1, 3, 4 & 9, bassoon on 1 & 6
Anna Vogelzang - vocals on 8, 9 & 10
Joe Arnold - violin on 2, 10, & 11
Gregg Porter - vocals on 7

Recorded by Marc McElroy at Imaginary Cat Studios
Additional recording by Guy Capecelatro III
Mastered by Scott Craggs
Cover painting by Jennifer Davis
Graphics and layout by Michael Winters


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Lorelei

Lorelei you lie there in the light
Your breathing chest swings with breath

Was there something you wanted to say
That night on the train

As we crossed towns and counties
And watched our surroundings

Blurring into oblivion
Track Name: Storms

In February in a snowstorm
In the middle of the night

You’ve found my number you ring me up
I can’t believe you’re in Boston

Only an hour away
But you’re only here for a day
All the years just slip away

I watch the snow slip through the sky
Play your message over and over and over again

All of the storms I anxiously braved
To get through to you

I’m sorry but I’m not driving tonight
I’m so far removed from that life
I’ll just go sleep with my wife… tonight
Track Name: Shedding

The way Annie shed hair
You’d think she’d be bald
It was everywhere I looked
In that hotel room

We were paid up
Till the end of the month
Even though she’d been gone
Nearly a week

I thought to try and find her
But if she doesn’t want to be found
She won’t be found

Solitaire on the bed
With casino punched cards
The sign on the knob
Says do not disturb

I’ll watch the fight
On this shitty TV
If he falls by the third
We’ll have piles of money

And I’ll call your mean stepfather
He’ll know where I can find you
If you can be found

Annie don’t give up our baby
Annie don’t give up our baby
Somehow we’ll find the money
Annie don’t give up our baby
Track Name: Simplify

There was a fire in your basement
Burned up all your dusty boxes
Burned up your favorite books and
The dolls you used to play with

Doesn’t a fire simplify
Doesn’t a fire make it nice

There was a fire in your attic
Burned up all your mother’s dresses
Burned the wedding dress and
The one she wore to the prom

Doesn’t a fire simplify
Doesn’t a fire make it nice

There was a fire in your house
Burned up the bed you used to sleep in
Burned all the photographs of
Relatives long since gone

Doesn’t a fire simplify
Doesn’t a fire make it nice
Doesn’t a fire seem so right
Track Name: Nothing Left
Nothing Left

There’s nothing left of what you were before the crash
You trace your broken fingers down the stitches on your calf
Then you ask a girl you met last week
To rip them out with her crooked teeth
And spit them out the car window to the street

These nights grow more ridiculous with stolen wine
As all your old friends tell you that you’re looking fine
But the mirror that you hid under your bed
Shows the tragic story of your head
It’s misshapen, distorted, bloated

And when it’s healed you’ll be left with
Something unfamiliar
A stranger holding the old eyes of
What you once were
And you’re left to decide who you might become

Even as you drink and laugh you’re forgetting their names
You picture all places that you haunt in dazzling flames
Waiting for the money from the settlement
Trying not to veer toward violence
But somehow you think you can change you can repent

Lying on the living room floor trying to slow the spins
As the blood begins to trickle from your porous skin
You remember a place you read about
Somewhere in the south
Try and recall the name then pass out
Track Name: The Longest Distance
The Longest Distance

Seventeen hours
Till I get on that plane
I’m sure that I can’t sleep
For what dreams will bring
The late, light creeps toward me
Like a murderous monkey

I can’t touch you well
With these cold, metal hands
Just a poor imitation
Of a vital, young man
Would you try and remember
How it felt with those fingers

You’re ready and waiting
But it’s not like I’ve been here that long
Still I can’t hold this candle
As I fly back to where I came from
Sometimes the longest distance feels the shortest

A reluctant kiss
Such tentative lips
And I can’t lift your dress
With these cold metal hands
Are we still in this place?
Does it feel like a bird-cage?

You’re ready and waiting
On the bed where I know I belong
Still I can’t pay attention
As my mind flies to where I came from
Sometimes the longest distance feels the shortest
Track Name: Redeemed

We’re moving to the south
And I am kind of nervous about it
I don’t speak the language
Or understand the purpose

Dad has had a vision again
He wants to handle serpents
He says that god has told him
That it will get him closer

Than he’s ever been before
They will show him to the door… then lead him in

I know that I’ve been bad
But I wouldn’t call it evil
Just ran into some trouble
Drifted from my path

All that I can think of
Is what if I get bitten
And can’t cast out the devil
Because I’m not pure

I just so want to be chaste
For god to kiss my face…and shine on me

We’re driving to Kentucky
To take up with the serpents
We’re gonna drink up the poison
And be redeemed in Appalachia
We’re gonna be redeemed
Track Name: Split

Tonight when I looked up at the darkened sky
Something awry there was something wrong with the moon

I fixed my gaze straight through the cloudy haze
Until my eyes noticed a crack in the surface

Then the moon split wide open
Exploding in a million pieces
Its glowing fragments mixing with the stars

Then every last light blended
Swelled and then assemble
Until it was morning
And they had become sun
Track Name: Colorful Pills
Colorful Pills

Mesmerized by the snow I hit some black ice
Toward the top of interstate 89
Slid sideways across the highway into a snowy field
Through the dark I could see smoke from past some trees

I hobbled my way through the field and wood
Knocked on the door but no one answered
I could feel blood thicken down my face and my neck
The door was open so I just went inside

In the medicine cabinet I rummaged for relief
Poured out the colorful pills in the sink
Not knowing what did what I took a generous dose
Of what I thought a pretty combination

A bearskin rug stretched before the fading fire
I sprawled into it to soak up some warmth
The reddened embers drew my attention
They danced and spun like little gypsies

In my dream I was floating in the water
There was no land in any direction
On my back with waves lapping all around me
I awoke to a dog licking my face
Track Name: Waiting Tonight
Waiting Tonight

If I told you lies would you believe them
If I tore out my eyes would you cherish them

You’re waiting tonight
Like you’ve waited all your life

If you had the power to turn time back
Would you keep my lips from your neck

And steal back those years
Find somebody who cares
You’re waiting tonight
Like you’ve waited all your life

Do you like it
I think you like it

If they called you up and said I was on the edge
Would you bring a pillow for my head

Or would you yell jump
Go ahead and jump

Would you cut the words out from my letter
Rearrange them to sound better
Would you make a picture of fire
Hang it from our bed and retire

To burn the bad things
That creep into your dreams… like me
Track Name: First Night
First Night

Our first night in our new house
I’m painting the walls
Every color that we can imagine
As you sleep like a stone

Our cat curled between your legs
God you look lovely
I stand there and try and breathe in every detail
Because time is so fleeting

My love I’m so lost
I mean how’d I get this wrecked
You know that it’s never your fault
I’m just in the shit

And the cat’s not around anymore
I guess he just couldn’t make the move
Now there’s two more to fill the space
Beside us

So last night when you went to bed
And I finally joined you
Laying there trying to fall into dream
I wept at your shoulder

How did I get to be this god-damned lucky
I mean you chose me
I promise to always stand here beside you
And I know you’ll be here by me

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