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Boring Songs About Dumb Things

by Charlotte Moroz & Guy Capecelatro III

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Possum 02:00
Possum Possum who lives in my hair Do you have a idea for me Something i can hold on Even a next day Even a tool box Even a thought or dream Or aisle Let’s go back to bed Possum who lives in my hair Do you have an idea Even a scheme or vision I’m sure you’re catching all these moves I’m making Maybe you have some pointers for me As the introvert in this duo I Would venture you listen more than you talk If you could talk Possum who lives in my hair Do you have an idea For me Can’t you see I’m Out of options See Out of time See Could use Some company
I Hate the Rain Waiting for the novocaine to come on Sometimes it seems to take forever Watching out the window for the birds Talking about this freaky weather I hate the rain in winter And it’s raining On the brand new snow These days I guess I don’t know Let me put my breasts here on your head dear I’ll stick my fingers in your mouth Underneath the gums is where the plaque hides And I don’t know what I’m about I hate the rain and short days There’s a party But I can’t eat cake Until this eczema abaits I’ll have an eczema outbreak Bob says I’m not much company Since the kids flew coupe One time we contemplated swinging But I don’t think we really thought it through written by CM
Purple Mabel 02:48
Purple Mabel Bought some hair dye From the beauty school down the street When we were little kids They used to sell penny candy Before the beauty school It was a delicatessen I think they butchered cats I don’t know I’m only guessing Anyway the hair dye I got it for my Shih Tzu Mabel Stung her eyes real bad Then turned all her fur purple Now all the corner girls Stop us when we’re walking They ask to pick her up Take selfies while they’re laughing I have to admit it I really like the attention They’re mostly Dominican I think some of them are men If I really think about it I might have been in love with Iris My mother’s sister’s girl But in those days you kept quiet
The Ice Caps 01:52
The Ice Caps The automatic doors at the fancy new library Never seem to open for me I stand there like a nimrod freezing my ass off Like a flag blowing in the breeze Sometimes I wish I had smaller ears Or I could grow a proper beard Found some pictures on the street on big trash day In a desk with one missing leg The faces were blurry the scenes all obscured But the colors really got in my head I noticed a bump on my leg last night I’m worried it’s a spider bite I wonder who ate the first artichoke Or how cassettes really work Everything seems such a mystery But people all act so assured There’s a calm in the morning when I’m still in bed My old cat Leroy curled in my legs I think of the ice caps ander rising water And wonder if I should bother
Ex-Presidents' Wives And his ruddy red beard I saw him on Elm Street Before he disappeared We used to be neighbors You could say we were friends He’ll get a thrashing If I see him again He borrowed my shovel And my mother’s old jack Then for the next year I tried getting them back There are squirrels in the attic They crawl through the walls I sleep with the fan on Can’t hear them at all My wife used to feed them She was better than me She brought me to church once I just couldn’t believe My blood pressure’s spiking I take pills from a cup They say it’s connected How I can’t get it up But I like carving these statues Of all the ex-president’s wives I’m not ready for pasture I’ll do what I can to survive
Tacitos and Target He followed me into the room Poor man with his big eyes pleading He followed me into the room This party is quieting down why Such a long long never ending frown My friend why Is it always downhill my friend Is it always a feeling of abandon ship all hope lost My friend is it always is it always over at dawn And I could show up here Some times in the year I could play and we could go to that beer hall you like And you could show me what you like about DC it’s a shortlist we can get it done in one night And I could show up here Couple times a year And we can pretend that everything has moved along according to your plan But then but then what happens when I leave you Is it big-headed of me To think about that But then but then what happens when I leave you Is it big-headed of me To think about that And one we just went to target and walked along in each aisle like there was something there for us in each aisle And you said you saw a movie didn’t go much into it Seemed to be a pointless story And we got crunchy tacitos at the dining court I think it is a tell for feeling bad when we choose food like that it tells you how you feel inside if you can eat a tacito And I can show up here a few times in the year And we can talk about how you wished I was nearer I do too but even you and I both know there’s nothing for me here And what happens when I go away when I leave you alone friend What happens then I wonder for you Do you go to target without me Wandering each aisle asking the products for advice for anything So please while I’m gone no more tacitos or anything rolled up that’s sat out for a while Do me do me that one favor
Skittish 04:15
Skittish Watching planes from the office window Wondering where everyone is going Is it work related did someone die Will they get grounded if it’s snowing I don’t ever leave this place I spoke with Jerry at the water cooler About a show called It’s a Pressure Dome I never saw it but played along I’ll try and find it when I’m home Maybe I will eat Chinese I’m into science end of the world shit Tv shows depicting aliens There’s always something to get lost in I’m intrigued with homo sapiens When father died I got all his ties The skinny ones from the seventies I never wear them they’re too audacious( Maybe I will send them overseas Everyone can use a little help The neighbor moved out went back to Cleveland Now the house sits empty as a cloud Sometimes I sneak in lay in the bathtub It’s fun to do what’s not allowed I can feel my heart beating fast Sometimes I wonder what would have happened If I’d gone to school out of state Like mother wanted but I was nervous Skittish reticent afraid… but I’m okay
Salty 01:35
Salty I wanted to do it differently That was so salty Could you pick something new to harp on The walls of that old stone house My mom’s smell the moments I’ve Hoarded from that country A distance somewhere reach Something unusually chastened sin stone We’re right by each other why we wouldn’t connect our trailers Why wouldn’t we do it the old way’ The way I’m knee jerking to do I’ve never done regular And I see it getting old real fast But I try to pry it out of your fingers still your hands are still Wanting this
Hand Grenade 01:41
Hand Grenade Kids down the street are torturing my neighbor’s dog Making him sniff a lit match I’d like to go out and give them the once over twice But all I can do now is watch A girl with a basket of fruit on the top of her roof Throwing down peaches and plums It seems like a game or a dare but it’s wicked confusing I hope she won’t hurt anyone And I’ve got a shoebox full of receipts Stuck in the closet under the sheets Somehow I can’t seem to throw them away Each one a memory a live hand grenade
Everything Here is Fine I’m losing some old hobbies While gaining new ones too I like canning peaches But miss the cobbling shoes The tractor on the back nine Hasn’t worked in years It looks near monolithic When new snow appears Someone said Aunt Selma Lost another tooth She wears it as a necklace Which must look so uncouth I dug up the hash pipe you buried in the yard The fox got in the hen house and tore a few apart Listen James you are missed But everything here is fine Some days it seems we’re stuck in time The river in the springtime swells like it might burst I still don’t have a girlfriend I think my luck is cursed You know dad he flounders he never can decide Still we put up shingles Before the snow arrived Millie gained some weight and stopped shaving her legs Decided that she’s old now And froze a couple eggs I’ve been writing poems about the bugs I find Maybe I’ll include one I hope that you don’t mind Listen James you are missed But everything here is fine Some days it seems we’re stuck in time Everything here is fine
I’ve always been in love with you Lying on a blue wave I can smell the clotted air Feel the breath feel my heartbeat I’ve only been a treasure for a moment For a moment for a moment And these creature extends out like the sea Like the ocean like the waves Ancient feeling my eyes My eyes With the blue with the water of my night dreams I can only be standing straight in the sea With the help of the current Oh won’t you take me home I’ve always been in love With you with you with you I’ve always been in love With you with you with you There’s a freighter a big ship size of Staten Island goin by I can see someone standing on the bow or the port who can keep the words even straight even straight even straight like my hair when it’s not when it’s not humid outside I’ve always been in love in love with you I’ve always been in love in love with you And the current And the current Shock my body going throughout me Turn my hair curly turn my toes inside Going against the wind the rain whatever precipitation happens again to my eyes I’ve always been in love in love with you I’ve always been in love in love with you What you gonna do when I say that to your face because I will sometime will it hurt our our friendship can our friendship take it can we sleep in the same tent again Tent again I’ve always always been in love with you with you I will always be always be in love with you with you with you


This was recorded as part of the RPM Challenge February of 2019 via facetime and remote recording and arranging. Weird times for sure.


released November 5, 2019

Written by Charlotte Moroz and Guy Capecelatro III. Produced and engineered by Guy Capecelatro III. Mixing and additional instrumentation by Chris Decato. Drums by Gregg Porter.


all rights reserved



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